Howard Family Haunt

Henderson Halloween


The coffin was inspired by a similar prop found in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. It is built of pine and is actually built to spec; it even…

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Window Ghost

The ghost in the window is a huge crowd favorite and is actually a fairly simple prop.

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Crate Beast

The crate beast was designed to startle and scare! The crate is entirely hand built and faux finished. It runs on a motion sensor that triggers randomized sounds…

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Ghost Host

The Ghost Host is an animatronic talking skull with a full range of motions. He greets each guest as the enter the haunt.

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Poppa Ghoulie

Poppa Ghoulie is sure to give you a fright! He is a pneumatic prop that jumps up and scares anyone who dares cross his path! He has been…

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We found a great zombie-dog mask and just KNEW we had to automate it and build a ratty dog house to go with it.   Both the actuator and…

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